Reclaimed wood or recycled wood is a great material for furniture and becoming very popular
in the market. The benefits of using that materials can be described as follows:

- Green or Environmentally-Friendly issue
Recycling wood extends the life of the hardwood, diverts old wood from landfills and reduces
the need to produce furniture from new wood.

- Durable
The wood itself is typically from old forest plantations, giving a higher quality timber with a
denser grain. Reclaimed wood is structurally stable.

- Weathered with a well-used appearance
The furniture takes on a distinctive character that you would not have with new wood.

Some of highlights in our Chain of Custody and production processes include:

• On Raw Material Stage, we do:
  a. Sort the material to have denser grain for better-looked appearance.
  b. Naturally air drying to have more durable material for stronger furniture.

• On Production Stage, we use:
  a. Machinery line to produce more precisely furniture.
  b. ‘Dove-Tail’ construction on all drawers.
  c. PU (Poly-Urethane) glue for lamination.
  d. ‘Plus’ screw for joining.

• On Finishing Stage, we do:
  a. 3-step of sanding process.
  b. Smooth-Sanding, and NC Spray system on costumers’ requirement

In each of above production steps, we always do quality control to ensure best quality result.

In addition to the above factors there are several other benefits you get from us, like:

- Design
We are always up-to-date in designs trend supported with quality of products. Browse in our
website for more products that meets your desire.

- Pricing
Reasonable price using the sophisticated material with machinery manufactured products. You can contact our marketing staffs for pricings.

- Quality Management System (Cert. Reg.: 16 100 0480)
We have been implementing Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2000 (and will be
upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 anytime soon in 2010) starting from 2008 with company policy that is:

“With the Implementation of the Quality System Management Documentation of ISO 9001:
2000, Pradan Furniture of Sirat Adi Warno, PT is committed to Increasing Efficiency,
Productivity, and Error-Free Rate in the Workflow Manufacturing Process with the Purpose of
Delivering Valued Products and Implementing Continues Improvement on Quality and On-Time Delivery Schedule to Achieve Customers’ Satisfaction.”

- Legal Wood Source
Although using recycled wood is green, Pradan Furniture confirmed the legality of timber
resources by implementing chain of custody system and accredited an FSC 100% recycled in our production.

We’re delivering up-to-date design trends with quality of products at reasonable price. Dial
+62 271 625272 now and speak to our marketing staff or drop an email at and our staffs will be kind to provide you with all information you required.

We’re confirmed the legality of timber resources by implementing chain of custody system and accredited an FSC 100% recycled in our production.

We’ve been implementing QMS ISO 9001:2001 to increasing efficiency, Productivity, and error-free rate in the workflow manufacturing process with the purpose of delivering valued products and implementing continues improvement on quality and on-time delivery schedule to achieve customers’ satisfaction.